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SOLD OUT Antique Style Edwardian 20s Gatsby Downton Style Cherry Red Silk Velvet Hat - Silk Taffeta Bow - Antique Jeweled Buckle - One of a Kind - Ready to Ship

SOLD OUT Antique Style Edwardian 20s Gatsby Downton Style Cherry Red Silk Velvet Hat - Silk Taffeta Bow - Antique Jeweled Buckle - One of a Kind - Ready to Ship

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SOLD OUT Vintage Style STUNNING rich substantial cherry red silk Late Edwardian-early 1920's style winter party/wedding/tea hat, inspired by "Downton Abbey", "Titanic" and "The Great Gatsby"---of absolutely gorgeous and lustrous silk velvet, with exquisite accents of vintage silk taffeta and a big antique jeweled buckle. Like all of my hats, this one is exquisitely hand made by me, from authentic patterns..... Absolutely sumptuous materials and vintage trimmings....yet so wearable today....this one looks soooo perfectly vintage....This lovely style is a wonderful transition between the late Edwardian and early 1920's eras--- this could be worn with anything from a Titanic 1912 outfit to a 1920's Gatsby style outfit, it just adapts to whatever hairstyle and designs within that time period that are worn with it. I designed and created the pattern for this hat myself, in order to be exactly historically accurate with the correct oval shape and design that hats of this era had....it is a custom creation and not made from generic modern patterns! So sumptuous and wonderful for a Gatsby or Downton Abbey holiday party or wedding! One of a kind and ready to ship.

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY before asking questions! All details about sizing, etc. are addressed here, so it's very important to READ all of this...thank you :-) All designs, photos, graphics and text are protected by US Copyright 2004 - 2021 by Savannah Parker Studio, and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without permission...thanks for respecting this :-)
Please check out my fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/SavannahParkerDesigns on Facebook as I have MORE photos of each of my items there, posted there in fullsize albums...be sure to click "like" on my FB page and you will be among the very first to see my newest creations + special offers just for my Facebook followers. I also have websites at www.savannahparker.com and www.savannahparker.net as well, so do come visit :-)

I love antique and vintage clothing and have collected it for years, as well as having a longtime design career including doing costume & restoration work for major movie studios and museums....Am now translating that love to my own contemporary creations and using all the fine extraordinary antique and vintage materials, laces, trims, beads etc that I've collected for more than 30 years in these wonderful wearable pieces....along with the finest of hand sewing and one of a kind details. Everything I create is individually hand made solely by me and has the very best of my carefully hoarded private stash of superb old accents (I use ONLY vintage materials that are in pristine condition---no deteriorating, too-aged or rotting pieces EVER) plus the finest of modern silks, cottons and wools that I can find.....resulting in a fabulous truly authentic vintage look piece. Impeccable professional workmanship and design are the hallmarks here... 

This exquisite beauty of a hat, which is about 14" in diameter, is made of heavy, rich pure silk velvet in a gorgeous cherry red color, sewn over a custom made buckram base, with a wide oval shaped brim, which is wider from side to side and much narrower in the back, in true, correct late Edwardian/early1920s style....Around the crown is a lush, gathered and draped sash of crisp silk taffeta in a cherry red, brown and pale yellow plaid, ending in a BIG fluffy bow and finished off with a large antique buckle made of sparkly pale yellow rhinestones overlaid with a sizable jeweled 1920's piece set with "carved" ruby glass rhinestones and tiny pale yellow stones....fabulous! The jeweled buckle is circled by ruched cherry red silk satin ribbon, and the bow is easy to shape and reshape as you like since the silk taffeta has such crisp body to it. The brim edge is bound & handsewn with matching cherry red silk satin edged with narrow antique ivory trim..... just utterly beautiful details that take one's breath away. The fabric is just shimmeringly exquisite, the beautiful soft accents make this piece look extraordinarily vintage and ALL of the exterior decoration including the individual decorative elements, are painstakingly sewn on by hand, just as in the "old days".....I'm a stickler for primo "old school" workmanship! Fully lined in finest pure silk.....This one is a medium size and made from VERY choice rare materials in my collection. So perfect for someone who has undergone chemo too, as this is a very comfortable hat....I think everyone has the right to be beautiful--- and this would be a great gift for someone who needs that little lift and to feel so pretty....! A great piece for anyone to wear to a Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey or Art Deco vintage themed event, party or reenactment...this is as authentic and historically correct as it gets :-) Looks best with the brim worn slightly turned up to show off the lovely shimmery silk velvet underside.

Please make sure you carefully note proper head measurements: I've made this particular hat to fit anyone up to medium-large sizes, it measures about 25" inner circumference so I would say up to a size 24" head could wear this, any larger than that and it might be too snug for real comfort; however this style isn't close fitting as a traditional cloche is, so it really could be worn by just about anyone-- it depends on how you intend to wear it and the type of hairstyle you have. I have a 22.5 size head and this fits me well but not at all snugly over a smooth non curly hairstyle....the mannequin has a head measurement of about 22-22/5" and is wearing a very thick curly wig underneath... PLEASE NOTE that these hats are NOT adjustable or alterable so please do know your exact requirement before purchasing as there are no refunds or returns. Good idea to take your head measurement first--tape measure crossed over the forehead and just above the ears around to the largest part of the head--before purchasing. This one sits much more on top of the head than my other cloche hats do, so it can go on a late Edwardian hairstyle as well....... Half an inch in headsize CAN make a difference so please, make sure you have exact size requirements in hand before you buy. If there is a specific size requirement you're looking for do let me know, and I will keep that in mind when creating future styles.....I don't do custom work or alterations, sorry!
Also, please do read my shop policies/shipping info in full BEFORE you purchase (click on "policies" on my main shop page). Be sure to look at all of the numerous photos of this hat that I have posted on my Facebook page and my website at www.savannahparker.com .
All hat shipping is BOXED and trackable Priority Mail including overseas.