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Savannah Parker

Beautiful Antique Style Victorian, Edwardian, Rococo and Art Deco Inspired Romantic Handmade Originals and Superb Antique/Vintage Treasures

Exquisite Vintage Style Creations by Savannah Parker

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Antique and Vintage Style Handmade Hats and Clothing

Exquisite Silk Ribbonwork and Ribbon Embroidery Purses, Bags, Boxes and Phone/Eyeglasses Accessories

Vintage and Antique Inspired Pillows and Home Decor

Beautiful Antique and Vintage China

Handmade Original Antique and Vintage Style Jewelry

Vintage and Antique Clothing

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." ~~Oscar Wilde

I am a multimedia artist with many facets both personally and artistically..... creating has been my "raison d'etre" since I was old enough to hold pencil, brush, fabric and clay....as well as a passion for recreating and restoring the ephemeral yet eternal beauty of times past.
Creating exquisite things in many different media and genres has been my lifetime focus.
I unequivocally and unapologetically LOVE over the top glamour; details details details, flourishes, and fabulous ornamentation...and it's probably obvious that I am definitely never a "minimalist" in my designs OR my views..but if you love and live the same style, you'll find a kindred spirit here.....

Enjoy---and thank you for visiting! ~ Savannah

"This vintage handbag is a beauty. It is a treat to have one of Savannahs handbags she is just amazingly talented. The very best designer that I have ever seen."


"I can't even express how beautiful this pillow is. Savannah your work is absolutely amazing. The quality and detail in every stitch. I can see the amount of time and love you put into your work. I have never seen anything like it. This is a 10 star rating. Just gorgeous!!!"


"Wrapped extremely safely and has arrived exactly as described!!! Absolutely stunning teapot to add to my collection. Very, very happy with everything! Thanks heaps! It will be loved!!"