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About Me

Beautiful Antique Style Victorian, Edwardian, Rococo and Art Deco Inspired Romantic Handmade Original jewelry, lace clothing, 1920s style hats, exquisite purses/bags, jeweled frames, antique lace & silk ribbonwork embroidered items and shabby chic decor, plus many other gorgeous goodies (including professionally restored and dressed antique/vintage dolls coming soon!)...Welcome to my studio of delights...where you will find beautiful handmade pieces, vintage lace & silk antique style clothing, hats and accessories and other delights all inspired by a romantic nostalgic sense of the antique and vintage beauty of times past....and with true craftsmanship and artistry. It's my primary goal to offer creations which epitomize all the refined and beautifully crafted elements we look for in antique/vintage collections....each and every piece is exquisitely designed and completely hand made, solely by me.

Am very proud to have created the jewelry for America's Got Talent finalist and extraordinary performer, Prince Poppycock, for his last four performances on NBC's AGT during August and September, 2010!
I unequivocally and unapologetically LOVE over the top glamour, details details details, flourishes, romance, old fashioned femininity and downright girly-girl prettiness...and it's probably obvious that I am definitely never a "minimalist" in my designs....but if you love and live the same style, you'll find a kindred spirit here...Each and every piece is a new and fresh inspiration to me....I approach each as if it were one of my paintings or sculptures, original and unique....Always stunning and always extraordinary.

I have an advanced university degree in Textile Science and Costume Studies; have had a lifelong love of antique and vintage clothing and have collected, restored and worn it for years, as well as having a longtime design career including doing costume & restoration work for major movie studios and museums both here and in Europe....Am now translating that love to my own contemporary creations and using all the fine extraordinary antique and vintage materials, laces, trims, beads etc that I've accumulated for more than 30 years in these wonderful wearable pieces....along with the finest of couture hand sewing and one of a kind details. Everything I create has the very best of my carefully hoarded private stash of superb old accents (I use ONLY vintage materials that are in pristine condition---no deteriorating or damaged pieces EVER) ...and my clothing/accessory creations feature the finest of modern silks, cottons and wools that I can find.....resulting in a fabulous truly authentic vintage look piece. Impeccable professional workmanship and design are the hallmarks here!

I'm very much "old school"----and that means what you see is what you get.....I feel a detailed description of every aspect of a piece is extremely important because I still maintain the idea that people really do want to get true value for their money ;-) Do rest assured each and every piece that I create is something that won't leave my hands until it's passed my own very stringent "quality control".....whether it's a $40K sculpture or a $60 antique style ring, it all has the same importance to me and I put my heart and soul into every piece....I want everything I create to make your heart sing as much as it does mine.
I sincerely hope you enjoy, and thanks so much for visiting~~~~Savannah